How to cut through the jargon

Our clients often ask us how they can express their ideas and maintain continuity across their written communications. We’ve come up with some tips to help you cut through the jargon using clear and concise writing.  Read more

Why we write

Financial writing is a commercial activity that supports a firm’s sales efforts and helps retain existing clients.  That’s why it’s essential to engage readers through all communications in print and online with clear, precise and lively content that leaves a lasting impression. Read more

Staying connected while working from home

There are just five of us in the InvestorComs team so it’s been relatively easy to keep things going through the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic. We’re lucky because the nature of our business means we’re able to continue to provide our editorial and design services to our clients even though we’re all working… Read more

Find your tone of voice

    When talking to our clients over the past couple of months, tone of voice has become an increasingly popular topic of conversation. They’re noticing a lack of continuity across their written communications, and are looking for ways to introduce a consistent style of writing. Read more