Why we write

Financial writing is a commercial activity that supports a firm’s sales efforts and helps retain existing clients.  That’s why it’s essential to engage readers through all communications in print and online with clear, precise and lively content that leaves a lasting impression.


Writing to sell

Financial writing falls into two broad categories. First, producing content for brochures, presentations and websites that explains and promotes your financial products and services.

We always start with a strong idea, which creates the foundation for building an engaging story. For example, recently we’ve been writing a brochure for a fund manager looking to bring in new assets based around the idea of “an invitation to invest”.

For a national wealth manager, we’ve produced a range of marketing brochures from the idea that the desire to build and preserve wealth satisfies a basic human instinct to create a better quality of life.

For a successful global alternative assets manager, we’ve focused on the experience and expertise of the investment team. It helps that the firm already has a clearly defined investment philosophy and set of business principles, which provides a great insight into their approach.


Writing to inform

The second category is producing regular investment publications, research reports and white papers that explore themes in today’s global economy and financial markets. Investment writing is about informing rather than promoting, with a focus on producing a clear and consistent narrative. Yet the purpose of all updates is to demonstrate your expertise, which is an important part of the sales and client retention process.

We also use our research editing experience to shape content written by analysts, strategists and investment managers. Sometimes this process involves breathing life into their words. For other authors, we use a lighter touch to avoid diluting their individual tone of voice. Often it’s about striking the right balance between the two approaches.

Whether writing for retail investors, financial advisers, wealthy individuals and families or institutions, our advice is the same. Write clearly and concisely using language your readers will understand; use interesting headings and subheadings to attract their attention; and build an engaging story.