Staying connected while working from home

Staying connected while working from home

There are just five of us in the InvestorComs team so it’s been relatively easy to keep things going through the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic. We’re lucky because the nature of our business means we’re able to continue to provide our editorial and design services to our clients even though we’re all working from home.

It’s now six weeks since we said goodbye to each other without knowing when we would meet again. Yet we’re managing to stay connected online to keep our team spirit alive using Google Hangouts. Every morning at around 9.30am we have a 10-minute video call to run through our projects, and we stay in contact throughout the day using instant messages.

As a team of writers and editors, I’m not ashamed to admit that we love words. When we’re in the office we do the Evening Standard crossword together, and we wanted to keep this tradition going while we’re quarantined at home. Unless we’ve got a client deadline to meet, we dial in again at around 5pm to complete the day’s puzzle.

Strengthening our relationships

When I look for the positives of this time away from each other, a couple of things come to mind. It’s given us an opportunity to strengthen the relationships with our clients by supporting them through this challenging time. It’s also helped everyone in our team gain a clearer sense of their roles and responsibilities, and a chance to develop some new skills.

I asked the team what they’ll take away from this period of working from home, and these are some of the things they said:

  • I’ve gained greater confidence in my own problem solving and creativity – I can’t just turn round and ask my colleagues so easily.
  • Not being in the same room as my colleagues has made me realise how essential it is to give clear, precise instructions when delegating work.
  • I’ve realised just how important it is to maintain contact with everyone – on both a personal and professional level.


Better days will return

It’s tough being away from each other and we’re continuing to adapt. We’re all looking forward to the day when we meet again, and I think we’ll continue to benefit from this experience when we’re back working in the office together.

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